VIP Class Notes (Lily)


write a story using the words we learned today.
watch Friends


a la carte= 单点
ex: can I order some fries a la carte?
ex: do you have the a la carte menu?

(your) own= (谁)自己
ex: This is my own house.
ex: Is this your own car?
ex: you have to do this on your own.
ex: I can’t (do this) on my own.

point= 点 重点
ex: what’s your point? I don’t get/understand your point.
ex: tell me your point.

pointless= 没点 没意义
ex: Getting married is pointless.
ex: it’s pointless to be pregnant by yourself.

skincare= 护肤品
ex: I don’t buy very expensive skincare, I think it’s pointless.

for each other/ to each other =互相
ex: we need to help each other
ex: We talked to each other for 1 hour last night.
ex: We need to buy a gift/ present for each other on Christmas

by (    )= (     )之前
ex: you need to give me the final copy by Friday.
ex: You need to review the notes by next class.

review (verb)= 复习
ex: if you review your notes, your English will improve much faster.