VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1. individual (adj)= 个人的 独立个体
ex: you need to give babies individual attention.
ex: You will live here individually. 

2. exaggerate (verb)= 夸张
ex: don’t exaggerate your story, it’s too fake.

3. bilingual (adj)= 双语的
ex: Margaret is bilingual, she can speak English and Chinese.

4. trilingual (adj)= 三语的
ex: Lily is trilingual, she can speak English, Chinese and French.

5. interact (verb)= 互动
interaction (noun)= 互动
ex: we had a good interaction in class.
ex: Fathers do no modify their ordinary speech when they interact with babies.

6. raise the pitch= 提高音调
ex: when she talks to her baby, she raises her pitch.
ex: When I talk to my boyfriend, I raise my pitch too.

7. boosted vocabulary= 提高词汇
ex: if you want to boost your vocabulary, you should start memorizing the vocabs.

8. mimic — mimicked (verb)= 模仿
ex: My daughter likes to mimic me.

9. speculate (verb) =推测
ex: the scientists speculate this theory.

10. regardless of = 不论
ex: regardless of the weather, I always put on sunscreen.
ex: Margaret always comes to class regardless of the weather.

11. modify (verb)= 更改
ex: You need to modify the powerpoint, it’s too informal.

12. ordinary (adj)= 寻常的
ex: It’s just an ordinary day, nothing special.