VIP Class Notes (Lily)

Today we focused on:


1.purpose (noun)= 目的
ex: The purpose of our dinner is to celebrate your entrance to the doctor program.

2. guarantee (verb)= 保证
ex: I can’t guarantee the sales.

3. squeeze out= 挤出来
ex: She wanted to squeeze out some money for me for my tuition.

4. tuition (noun)= 学费
ex: The tuition for my doctor degree is 700,000 rmb.

5. elite= 精英
ex: elite service
ex: elite education

6. opening ceremony (noun)= 开幕仪式
ex: This is a new restaurant, I will go to the opening ceremony.

7. data= 数据
database= 数据库
ex: she has a large database of the marketing department.
ex: what’s the newest data on the project?

8. down (adj)= 心情低落沉重
ex: I was very down last night because of my daughter.

9. earn it= 获取 赚取
ex: you need to earn your respect.
ex: if you want my love, you need to earn it.

10. talk back (verb)= 顶嘴
ex: she likes to talk back to me
ex: I never talk back to my mom because I know she never listens to me.

11. convince (verb)= 说服
ex: I have to convince her that I’m doing everything for her own good.

12. brainwash (verb)= 洗脑
ex: She brainwashed herself that English is important.

13. self-discipline= 自律
ex: she has no self-discipline, so it’s hard for her to study on her own.

14. study habit= 学习习惯
ex: she has a bad study habit.

15. fluctuate (verb)= 上下浮动
ex: her grades in school will fluctuate according to her mood.
ex: the stock market fluctuates a lot.