VIP Class Notes (Lily)

Today we focused on:

did a speaking practice. Annie was the sales for Apple, Lily was the customer.


phone= f 否n
bone= bou n
cone= 抠n


I did no thing—> I did nothing
I didn’t see any people– > I didn’t see anyone. 

Vocabulary 折抵
ex: You can trade-in your old phone for the new iPhone 11 pro.

2. Mandarin= 普通话
ex: Mandarin is the official language of China
ex: We speak Mandarin all the time so we can’t speak Shanghainese.

3. Cantonese= 广东话
ex: All HK people speak Cantonese.
ex: I like to eat Cantonese food because it’s yummy.

4. dialect= 方言
ex: Shanghainese is a dialect, but Annie can’t speak it.
ex: Most young people don’t like to speak dialect, they like to speak Mandarin.

5. Japanese food= 日料
Korean food= 韩国料理
Chinese food= 中餐
Canto food =粤菜
Thai food = 泰国菜