VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1. in the beginning (of) = 在最开始
at the start (of)
ex: In the beginning of the story, Mike fell in love with Michelle.

2. at the end (of) = 在最后
ex: I will see you at the end of the road
ex: at the end of the movie, Jack died.

3. croissant = 可颂🥐
ex: I love to eat croissant for breakfast.

4. heat (it) up = 加热
ex: can you help me to heat it up?
ex: I’m heating up my noodles in the microwave.

5. reheat= 再加热
ex: can you reheat my milk? It’s a little cold.

6. leftovers= 剩菜
ex: I don’t have leftovers in the fridge because I don’t have a microwave.

7. oven= 烤箱
ex: I have an oven but I never use it.

8. dishwasher machine= 洗碗机
ex: my mom doesn’t like to use the dishwasher because it’s too slow.

9. take-out= 外卖
ex: I will order take-out for dinner because I can’t cook.

10. bet= 打赌
ex: do you want to bet?
ex: How much do you want to bet?