VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1.anxious (adj)= 焦虑的
ex: I didn’t sell much for the past two months, I was very anxious.

2.outdated (adj)= 过时的
ex: LV monogram is very outdated.
ex: Converse is outdated. 

3. necessity (noun)= 必需品
necessary (adj)= 必须的
ex: For some women, cosmetics and shoes are necessities. 
ex: it’s necessary to sleep early if you want a healthy skin.

4. put on (my) makeup =化妆
take off makeup
ex: It takes me 10 mins to put on makeup.
ex: we have to take off our makeup before we sleep

5. beauty clinic= 医美
ex: There are many beauty clinics in Shanghai, you have to pick the most credible one.

6. downtime= 恢复期
ex: the downtime for Fotona Laser is 5-7 days

7. credible (adj)= 可信的 可靠的
ex: I always listen to my friend’s recommendations, I think they are more credible then online sources.

8. born with a silver spoon= 富二代
ex: He was born with a silver spoon, he never worried about money.

9. make sense= 有道理
ex: does it make sense? hahahah that’s makes sense.