VIP Class Notes (Lily)


does he have hair?
does she have earrings? = Is she wearing earrings?


1.mouse trap= 老鼠夹🐭
ex: Mr Bean wants to use the mouse trap to catch the mouse.

2. step on= 踩到
ex:. Mr Bean stepped on the mouse trap and he screamed

3. scream= 尖叫
ex: When Lily saw a spider on the table, she screamed “help!”
ex: If I see a bug, I will scream.

4. pajama= 睡衣
ex: Mr Bean was wearing his pajama.
ex: My pajama is purple, it’s a long dress.
ex: My grandpa will wash my pajama in the morning.

5. hair band= 发箍
ex: Helen is wearing a dark blue hair band today.