VIP Class Notes (Lily)


write about the next country you want visit, and why


is your person black? =是不是
is your person wearing a hat?
does your person have glasses? =有没有


1.beard (noun)= 胡子
ex: does he have beard? 他有胡子吗

2.  curly hair =卷发
straight hair =直发
ex: does she have curly hair?

3. bald= 秃头
ex: is he bald?= does he have hair?

4. game point= last game that decides who wins.
ex: we are 4-4, this is the game point.

5. shuffle= 洗牌
ex: can you shuffle the cards?

6. Halloween= 万圣节🎃
ex: What do you do on Halloween in Shanghai?
ex: we eat candies on Halloween. 

7. costumes= 服装
ex: When I was young, I wore a butterfly costume. 
ex: my brother wore the elephant costume.