VIP Class Notes (Lily) 


1. patent leather = 漆皮
ex: do you like patent leather shoes? Nope.

2. browse (verb)= 游览 瞎看看
ex: I’m browsing the internet
ex: I’m just browsing.  我就看看

3. immune to (verb) = 对()免疫
ex: I’m not immune to tea anymore, if I drink tea at night, I have trouble sleeping.
ex: I thought I was immune to men, it turns out that it’s impossible.

4. metabolism (noun)= 新陈代谢
ex: as you age, your metabolism slows down, so you can’t drink tea at night anymore.

5. hopeless= 没救了
ex: you enjoy staying up late, but you want to fall asleep… you are hopeless. 

6. flirt (verb) = 聊骚
flirty (adj) = 骚气
ex: he flirted with me for two hours last night.
ex: he is very flirty, I can’t stop laughing.

7. blush= 脸红😳
ex: I was blushing when he kissed me.

8. horoscope= 星座♈️
Sagittarius = 射手座
ex: what’s his horoscope? Gemini hahahah

9. take the initiative = 主动的
took the initiative= 主动的
ex: He took the initiative and added my WeChat.
ex: I never take the initiative in a relationship, I only like men who like me.

10. contradicting= 矛盾的
Ex: you want a good-looking and hardworking man, this is very contradicting.

11. mistress= 小三 情妇
ex: Mrs. Deng is an amazing mistress, she’s my hero/ idol.

12. homestay= 住家🏠
ex: I had a homestay in my house, he paid my mom 1000CAD a month.
ex: my homestay cooks for me everyday.

13. embarrassed =尴尬的
embarrassing =尴尬的 (事情)
embarrassement =尴尬
ex: when he told me “I can watch a movie with you”, I was very embarrassed.
ex: It was embarrassing when the old man sat beside me for the movie.

14. delete= 删
ex: I deleted him on WeChat.
ex: This is wrong, you need to delete this.

15. get over (someone) = 忘了()
ex: I couldn’t get over him for 4 years.
ex: When I want to get over a man, I will find new ones.