VIP Class Notes (Lily)


finish page 86,87 of “past tense verbs”


does he have a hat?
is he wearing a hat?


1. beard= 胡子
ex: Some old men have beards.
ex: My dad has beard, he must shave everyday.

2. glasses= 👓眼镜
ex: Lily needs to wear glasses because she can’t see well.
ex: My dad needs to wear glasses everyday.

3. curly hair= 卷发
ex: Some women like curly hair because they think it’s fashion.
ex: I think women look good with curly hair.

4. straight hair=直发
ex: I don’t like curly hair but I like straight hair.
ex: Most Chinese girls have straight hair.

5.ponytail= 马尾
ex: I have a ponytail everyday.
ex: if i don’t wash my hair, I will do a ponytail.

6.blonde hair= 金发 黄发
ex: Most Americans have blonde hair.
ex: in my family, nobody has blonde hair.

ex: Most people have earrings at home.
ex: I don’t like to wear earrings because it’s too much trouble.

8. lift =举起
ex: Helen, could you help me to lift the table?
ex: She lifted the chair to find her turtle.

9. brush= 刷
brushed =刷了
ex: I brushed my teeth this morning.
ex: Helen, did you brush your teeth today?