VIP Class Notes (Lily)


world= were old


1.slack off= 偷懒 懒散的
ex: if you slack off at studying, your grade will drop.
ex: even if the boss isn’t here, you shouldn’t slack off. 

2. parenting= 养育方式
ex: Parenting is the hardest thing. She will turn out to be the person you teach her to be.

3. self- discipline= 自律
ex: Some people have really good self-discipline, they can study on their own.
ex: I think I’m self-disciplined because self-employed.

4. self-employed= 自雇的
employ= 雇

5. alcoholic = 酒鬼
workaholic = 工作狂
ex: Judy is a workaholic, she has two jobs.
ex: Some men are alcoholics.

6. allergic to = 对()过敏的
ex: I always say I’m allergic to alcohol.
ex: In Canada, a lot of people are allergic to peanuts.

7. virgin= no alcohol
ex: Can I get a mojito virgin?

8. instrument= 乐器
ex: Can you play any instruments? Yes I can play the piano.