VIP Class Notes (Lily)


do the speaking exercise on page 57

Vocabulary to= beside
ex: Aiai is standing next to Lily.

2. across from = opposite of
ex: Aiai is sitting across from Lily.

3. between = 之间
ex: the chocolate is between the two lions.

4. around the corner from
ex: where is the office? It’s around the corner from the hospital.

5. barber shop= hair salon理发店
ex: I go to the barber shop to cut my hair诊所
ex: you can see a doctor in a clinic 
ex: if you are sick, you can go to the clinic. 

7. department store= 购物商场
ex: You can buy many things in the department store 
ex: You can buy toys, clothes, shoes in the department stores.

8. drug store= 药店💊
ex: You can buy medicines in the drug store.

9. gym= 健身房
ex: we go to the gym to exercise.

10. laundromat= 洗衣店
ex: You can go to the laundromat to wash your clothes.

11. train station= 火车站🚄
ex: The train station in Shanghai is called “Hongqiao Train Station”.