VIP Class Notes (Lily)


finish page 41 sheet.


Does your person have ________?
Does she have ______________?
Does he have ______________?
Is he wearing glasses?
is his/her mouth open?


1.blonde hair =金发👱
brown hair= 咖啡色头发
ex: Americans have blonde hair. 
ex: Lily has brown hair. 

2. curly hair= 卷发
ex: The dog has curly hair.
ex: I don’t like curly hair because it looks messy. / it looks like instant noodle.

3. straight hair= 直发
ex: Amber has straight hair.
ex: Everyone likes straight hair, because it’s easy.

4. beard=胡子
ex: Jesse has a beard.
ex: I don’t like beard because it looks old.

5. glasses= 眼镜👓
ex: I need glasses because I can’t see very well.
ex: Lily doesn’t wear glasses because she wears contacts.

6. contacts= 隐形眼镜
ex: do you wear contacts? No.
ex: I love my contacts because they are so pretty.

7. barber shop= 剪头发的地方
ex: I have to go to the barber shop, my hair is too long.