VIP Class Notes (Lily)


I haven’t money–> I don’t have money

haven’t + (past past verb)
ex: I haven’t + seen you for a long time
ex: I haven’t + had hotpot for 2 years.


1.bored= 很悠闲 没事做
ex: It’s Saturday and I’m very bored at home
ex: I’m bored at work, I finished everything

2. boring= 无趣的 没意思的
ex: He is a boring man, he doesn’t have friends and doesn’t go out.
ex: This is a boring movie, I almost fell asleep.

3. encounter (verb)= 遇到 遇见
ex: encounter many difficulties
ex: encounter boring people

4. expect (verb) = 期望
expectation (noun)= 期望
ex: Some people will give a finished good that does not meet my expectation. 
ex: My mother-in-law expects a lot from me.

5. mommy’s boy= 妈宝
daddy’s girl= 小公主
ex: I hate mommy’s boy, they are so immature.
ex: I was a daddy’s girl, my dad said yes to everything.

6. mature—- immature = 成熟/ 不成熟
ex: girls mature earlier than boys.
ex: If a girl is immature, it means she always had protection.

7. ish= 大概
childish = 幼稚的
ex: do you have time around 5-ish?
ex: I want a pinkish carpet.
ex: Most men are childish no matter how old they are.

8. rebel against (verb)= 叛逆
rebellious (adj)= 叛逆的
ex: some girls are very rebellious, they drop out of school to have fun.

9. independent (adj)=独立的
dependent (adj)= 依赖的
ex: Grace is very independent, she can take care of herself.
ex: do you have any dependents? 你有孩子吗
ex: My brother is dependent on my mom, he doesn’t have a job.

10. drop out of school =辍学
ex: Mark Zukerberg dropped out of Harvard to pursue his dreams and created Facebook.

11. hang out= 出去玩
ex: I hang out with my friends two days a week.
ex: Do you want to hang out? 你想溜达溜达吗?