VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1. I’m joking= 我开玩笑的
I’m kidding= 我开玩笑的
ex: I can’t go to England because I can’t speak good English. Hahaha I’m joking. 

2. serious= 严肃的😠
ex: President Xi is a serious man because he is an important person.

3. sensitive= 脆弱的 敏感的
ex: My friend is very sensitive, if you say she’s fat, she will not eat for the day.

4. mature= 成熟的
ex: Lily is mature because she makes her own money.

5. immature= 不成熟的
ex: The children are immature, they drop the glass of water on the ground.

6. generous =大方的
ex: Mary is very generous, because she is very rich.
ex: Tom is a generous baby, he always shares his toys.

7. mean= 很凶的 很坏的
ex: He is mean, he will yell at me.
ex: He is a mean person, he takes away my money.

8. patient= 耐心的
ex: You need to be patient, there is a long line-up.
ex: A patient person will learn to wait.
ex: My mom is patient when she goes shopping.

9. impatient= 无耐心的
ex: Annie is impatient, she doesn’t like to lineup for food.
ex: My mom is impatient when she is hungry.