VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1. curve= 曲线
ex: even though I have abs, but I want curves. 
ex: Shelly is my favorite blogger because she has beautiful curves.

2. abs= 腹肌
8-packs= 八块腹肌
ex: My brother has 8 packs because he works out everyday.
ex: I really hope I can have abs. 

3. sweat (verb)= 出汗
ex: Before, I hate sweating, but I enjoy sweating when I work out.
ex: when I take the subway and it’s crowded, I will sweat.

4. work out =健身
ex: I got fat so I want to work out everyday.
ex: I like to work out at home because I don’t like people looking at me in the gym.

5. exercise=运动🏀
ex: my favorite exercise (noun) is swimming.
ex: Lily doesn’t like to exercise (verb). 

6. cycling= 🚲 单车
ex: I only do cycling at the gym.

7. setting= 设定背景
ex: The setting is in Tang’s Dynasty.
ex: The setting of ZHZ is in Qing’s Dynasty.

8.animé/ animation =动漫
ex: do you like to watch animation? No

9. envy= 羡慕
jealous of =嫉妒
ex: I envy Shelly’s body, I wish I could have curves like her.
ex: Sometimes when I browse through Weibo, I saw some people with a good life, I envy them.
ex: I was jealous of my sister’s beauty and height, so every birthday, I made a wish that “I want to be prettier and taller than my sister”.

10. siblings= 兄弟姐妹 (直属)
ex: I’m the only child, I don’t have siblings. 
ex: Due to the one-child-policy, most people don’t have siblings in China.

11. sneak in — sneak out= 溜进来 溜出去
ex: every night when I want to sneak out, my sister will cover for me.
ex: when I sneak in after dark, my sister will unlock the door for me.