VIP Class Notes (Lily)


Who are you with? I am with Anna. 你现在和谁在一起
Who were you with? 你刚才和谁在一起

who do you like? 你喜欢谁?
who did you like? 你以前喜欢谁?

I will + (verb)
I will eat with you tonight
I will see you tomorrow! = I’ll see you tomorrow!

I will be + (adj)
ex: I will be late for 10 mins
ex: I will be early for 30 mins.
ex: I will be so hungry

will you be late (tonight/ today?)
will you be early?

a few days ago=几天前
a few (months) ago= 几个月前
a few (weeks) ago= 几个星期前


1.sleepy (adj) =困的
sleep (verb)= 去睡
ex: I’m so sleepy, I will sleep at 8 pm today.

2. feed (verb)= 喂养 喂
ex: I’m feeding my dog. 
ex: No that’s ok, I can feed my dog by myself.

3. fire (verb)= 炒鱿鱼
got fired (verb)=被炒
fire (noun)= 火🔥
on fire =着火了🔥
ex: you are fired= 你被炒了
ex: the house is on fire= 这房子着火了

4. bake a cake = 烤蛋糕
bake a cookie= 烤饼干🍪
ex: I’m baking a cake.
ex: No, that’s okay. I can bake a cake by myself.