VIP Class Notes (Lily)

Today we focused on:

focused on pronunciation and phonics


st-sd sound: stand steam stir steal stream strip stripe strive
mistake= misDake

sc- sg sound: scream scrap scrub

short vowels and long vowels aeiou


1.mature—- immature= 成熟—不成熟 ma chur
ex: most girls mature earlier than boys.
ex: don’t behave immaturely.

2. childish (adj) =幼稚的
ex: My mom always says that I’m childish, because I hug 4 teddy bears to sleep.

3. rebellious (adj)= 叛逆的 (re BELL lee yes)
ex: My little boy is very rebellious, he does bad things on purpose/ intentionally.
ex: little boys are usually more rebellious than little girls.

4. take (things) lightly        很轻浮的对待
take (things) seriously  很认真的对待
ex: He takes his job lightly, he eats when he’s talking to the clients.
ex: He takes his job seriously, he prepares the powerpoint a week ahead.