VIP Class Notes (Lily)


he has been to the restaurant. 他去过
I have seen him. 我见过

I like + doing
I hate + doing
ex: I like walking on the street at night
ex: I hate drinking with my friends.

I like + to (do)
I want + to (do)
ex: I like to sleep late
ex: I want to exercise everyday.


1. alcoholic drink =带酒精饮料
virgin = 不带酒精的饮料
ex: can you make this virgin?
ex: Do you have anything virgin?

2.itchy= 痒的
ex: I feel itchy when I drink alcohol.

3. alcoHOlic =酒鬼 酗酒的
ex: He is an alcoholic, he drinks every night.
ex: I don’t like alcoholics because I hate drinking.

4. workaHOlic= 工作狂
ex: Judy is a workaholic, she has two jobs and she works everyday.
ex: Didi is not a workaholic, she is a lazy person.

5. exercise (verb) =运动 (X sir size)
do exercise (noun)= 做运动
ex: he likes to exercise, that’s why he is very fit.
ex: do you like to do exercises (noun)? Not really.

6. sport (noun)= 运动项目
ex: basketball, volleyball, swimming, snowboarding are all sports. 
ex: what sports do you like? I like BADminton 羽毛球🏸. Didi likes boxing. 🥊

7. gym (noun)= 健身房 (地方)(Jim )
ex: I go to the gym every Friday.

8. work out (verb)= 健身
ex: I work out in the gym.
ex: Lily likes to work out at home because it’s cheaper.

9. tanned/ dark= 黑了
ex: I got tanned= I got darker
ex: Did you get tanned? 你晒黑了吗?

10. light/ fair/ pale苍白
ex: you’re so light (skinned)!
ex: you have fair skin
ex: Lily are you ok? You look a little pale

11. recover (verb)= 恢复 修复
recovery (noun)= 恢复 修复
ex: your skin will recover on its own. 你的皮肤会自己修复
ex: even if you break up with him, you will recover soon.

12. colleagues/ co-worker= 同僚 同事
ex: I don’t really talk to my colleagues. 
ex: I don’t want to make friends with my co-workers, because we are in the same company.

13. too bad= 很可惜
ex: too bad you can’t come tonight! all of us are here!
ex: Too bad you are busy tomorrow! we have a party at noon.

14. horrible= 糟糕
ex: that’s a horrible thing= 真是件糟糕的事情
ex: the movie was horrible =这电影很烂
ex: He is a horrible man = 他是个渣男