VIP Class Notes (Lily)


grammar book grade 1 page 94-95

Have you been to JJ’s concert?
I have never been to JJ’s concert.

Whose cup is this? 这是谁的杯子
Whose lion is this?
Whose concert have you been to? I have never been to a concert.

What are you good at? 你擅长什么?
what can you give/ bring me? 你能给/带给我什么
if you come across a challenge, what will you do?


1.person= 人
ex: are you a sensitive person? A little.
ex: what kind of person are you?

2. confident (adj)= 自信的
ex: I am confident because I am good at my job.

3. productive (adj)= 有效率的
ex: I am a productive worker/ employee because I work fast.

4. what kind of (noun) = 什么样的
ex: what kind of food do you like?
ex: What kind of entertainment娱乐 do you like?
ex: what kind of movie do you like?

5. candle = 蜡烛🕯️ kan dou
ex: Ten CC used to have very good candles.

6. neighbour= 邻居
ex: who are your neighbors?

7. dentist= doctor for teeth 牙医
ex: When did you visit the dentist?

8. how do you get to (   )= 你怎么去()
ex: How do you get to SE? I come by subway.