VIP Class Notes (Lily)


Read the first 3 pages of Diary of a wimpy kid, and write what happened in it. Any words you don’t know, write them down and discuss next class.


long vowel: a e i o u

rave take hate Nate rake fake damage delicate shave pavement plane
cede Pete Compete complete delete interfere
time kite fine pine bide alive confide decline desire despite derive sunrise summarize
Note rose dote cove rode poke dope rope explode
mute nude dude duke puke cute pure cure endure infuse abuse


1.upgrade= 升级
ex: can I upgrade my room?
ex: Can I upgrade my seat?
ex: can I upgrade to business class/ first class?

2. first-class 头等舱
business class 商务舱
economy class 经济舱

3. high-speed train= 🚄 高铁
ex: there is no first class on the high-speed train, only business class and economy class.

4. train= 🚇地铁/ 火车
ex: I missed the train= 我错过了这班车

5. missed (a transportation) =错过了()
ex: missed the plane/ missed the flight 错过了航班
ex: missed the bus
ex: missed the train