VIP Class Notes (Lily)

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x,ch,sh= 复数加 es
with= 和


what color is your dog?
what color are you dogs? 


black 黑
white 白
gray 灰
brown 咖啡

red 红 🍎
orange 橙色/橘子🍊
yellow 黄色 🍌
green 绿色
blue 蓝色
purple 紫色
pink 粉红色

dark 深
light 浅色/灯光

1.wallet = 钱包
ex: what color is your wallet? My wallet is red.
ex: Do you have a big wallet or a small wallet? My wallet is small.

2. coins= 硬币
ex: do you like coins? Yes I like coins. 

3. keys= 钥匙🔑
ex: how many keys do you have? I have five keys.

4. (   )bottle of water = () 瓶水
ex: How many bottles of water can you drink? I can drink one bottle of water.

5. sandwich= 三明治
ex: do you like to eat sandwich? Yes I like sandwiches.

6. cell phone= phone =手机
ex: How many cell phones do you have? I have one cell phone.
ex: I don’t like to play with my cell phone. 

7. camera= 相机📷
ex: do you have a camera? No I don’t have camera.
ex; what color is your camera? My camera is black.

8. earphones= 耳机🎧
ex: do you have many earphones? Yes I have many earphones.
ex: What color are your earphones? My earphones are white.

9. pencil ,pen =✏️ 铅笔, 圆珠笔🖊️
ex: can I borrow your pencil? Yes of course.

10. notebook= 笔记本📒
ex: Can I borrow your notebook? of course.
ex: What color is your notebook? It is pink= My notebook is pink.
ex: How many notebooks do you have? = I have two notebooks.

11. letter= 信
ex: you have two letters / one letter.
ex: write a letter= 写信