VIP Class Notes (Lily)

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would you
could you


Where +are you going= 你现在要去哪里?
 +do you want to go? 你想去哪里?
where + are you? 你在哪?
where + were you? 你刚才在哪?
where + do you want to eat? 你想去哪里吃饭?

why + do you study English?
why + do you /did you sleep so early?
why + are you/ were you late/ unhappy/sad/ hungry/ angry/ crying?

are you= how are you doing? = how is it going? = 你好吗
how is/ was it? 怎么样了
How is he/ she? 他她怎么样了
How are you going to the office?
How did you come today?

Which one do you like? = which one would you like?

I (will) have hotpot for dinner on Saturday at 6 pm.
I (will) have Chinese food for lunch. 

on+ day, street/ road/ 楼层
ex: I will have hotpot on Wednesday.
ex: On Christmas/ On Valentine’s Day
ex: we are on West NanJing Road.
ex: we are on the 9th floor.
ex: What floor do you live on? I live on the 11th floor.

in/ at= in大地方 at准确位置
ex: in Shanghai, in Hangzhou
ex: I’m in JiuGuang, at the supermarket
ex: I am at home, I am at work