VIP Class Notes (Lily)


Business email:
you client is not happy about the product, they want their money back and cancel the order.
you need to write to them explaining the situation.
(apologize for…. sorry for…. situation… amend…. new batch…. upload…. please…could… would…. thank you…. )

Next Class Focus

next class homework:
You are an event manager, you are hosting a team building event, you are writing an email to all the co-workers. You need to tell them about the event (where, why, when, cost), thank them for their dedication to the company. Lastly, ask for confirmation.


certain= sir t en
curtain= cur t en

dr drive drop drip dream drain drink drill
cr crave crib crab crap crust crush
tr trash track train trend trip trim trill truck
pr pray prat pret prit prig prince princess
fr fray fries fry friend Frank frap
Wr (r): wrap=rap wreck wrist write 

**I like to eat crabs, I crave and dream of them.
I like to drink green tea frap.

When C is “K” sound

Ca: cat cap can cad cast
Co: contract commit constant conference concert

When C is s sound:
ci-: cinema citizen cite
ce: cease cereal ceiling center certain

When two C’s are together:
cir: (sir) circle circus circulate circumstance circumference
         Concern concert


I live on the 8th floor.


1.boiler =热水壶
ex: if you want to drink hot water, you can use the boiler
ex: I have a boiler at home, I use it to heat up the milk. 

2. type =类型
ex: He is my type= 他是我的菜
ex: he is not my type, I don’t like him.

3. crave for= 渴望 很想要很想要 ( )
ex: Annie craves for money and hotpot.
ex: Recently, Lily craves for fu zhu.

4.shallow (adj)= 肤浅,很浅的
ex: you can walk here because it’s shallow water
ex: It’s shallow water so you can swim here.
ex: Some men are very shallow, they just like girls with pretty faces.

5. line-up= 排队
ex: I always have to line up for hotpot.
ex: there is a short line-up for GLG.