VIP Class Notes (Lily)


short vowels: aei
hat het hit
ban ben bin
sat set sit
bat bet bit

xp sp–> sb sound: explain expose spit sprout special space spade


I can’t make you to do anything =我不能强迫你做任何事情
you can’t make me= 你不能强迫我
make me! = 有本事你来啊


1.funeral= a ceremony for the dead ones 葬礼
ex: If you go to a funeral, you should wear black.

2. formal —-informal 正式/非正式
ex: This is a formal meeting, you should dress well.
ex: You have attend lots of formal occasions 场合, so you need lots of formal outfit.

3. occasion =场合
ex: I don’t like these occasions because I have to social with the older uncles.
ex: I don’t like occasions where you have social with useless people.

4. pho = Vietnamese noodles 越南粉
ex: When I (go) eat pho, I always tell the server to cook my bean sprouts.

5. authentic (adj)= 正宗
ex: authentic leather =真皮
ex: authentic bag = 正品包