VIP Class Notes (Lily)


Who What When Where Why + How

Who +am I speaking with? >>> who are you?
Who +are we eating with? We are eating with my colleagues
Who+ is coming? 谁要来?
Who+ are you/were you eating with? I’m eating with my parents. >>>I was eating with my colleagues. 
Who + were you talking to/with? 你刚才在和谁说话 >>> I was talking with my friends. 

What +are you/were you doing? 你在干嘛? I’m watching TV.
What +do you /did you want to do? 你想做什么?
What +do you/ did you want to eat? 你想吃什么?
What +are you eating? 你在吃什么?

When+ are you coming (back to Shanghai)?  >>> I’m coming (back) tomorrow.
When+ are you going/leaving ?  I’m going/leaving at 6pm.
When + are we going to the airport?
When + is she (Anna) coming to Shanghai?
When + are they going?
When + does your plane/do you arrive?