VIP Class Notes (Lily)


period= pee ree yed

cooperate= kuu oh perate


good (adj)
well (adv)

he’s a good teacher, he teaches well.
she’s a good singer, she sings well.


1.go on a business trip
ex: He went on a business trip to Beijing.
ex: I need to go on a business trip to HangZhou.

2. insurance trust= 保险信托
ex: I want to learn about insurance trust.

3. had a nightmare= 做了噩梦
ex: I had a nightmare two days ago.

4. periodically= 时段性的
ex: You can do a review periodically.
ex: Girls like to buy new bags and clothes periodically.

5. lay an egg= 下蛋
ex: The hens can lay eggs. 

6. hatch= 孵化🐣
ex: After it lays an egg, it should hatch it.

7. milestone= 里程碑
ex: The Titanic is one of the notable milestone in movies.

8. big data= 大数据
ex: The marketing departments are using big data to manipulate consumers.

9. doubt (d aot)= 怀疑 质疑
ex: Please don’t doubt my intentions.
ex: I always doubt if it’s true.

10. give (sb) a hand= 帮XX一下忙
ex: Could you give me a hand? 
ex: We could give each other a hand. 

11. variety= many different
ex: You have a variety of friends who excel in different industries.

12. excel= be very good at
ex: He excels in his major, you could ask him for help.

13. academically (adv) = 学术性上的
ex: I like to talk to her, we can always have an academic discussion.

14. framework= 框架
ex: I want to create my own business framework.

15. theory= 理论
ex: We have our theories.