VIP Class Notes (Lily)


more far– further

another vs other
I want another cup of water
I want other drinks.

he feeled it–> he felt it.

he keep to asking me–> he keeps asking me.

keep +ing
stop +ing

He keeps calling me .
he stopped calling me.

he didn’t direct to answer me–> he didn’t answer me directly. 


1. parenting= 教养 (父母对子女)
ex: we have different approaches of parenting.

2. impact (verb and noun)= 影响
ex: if you keep doubting each other, it will have a negative impact on the relationship.

3. doubt (d ao t )= 怀疑 猜忌
ex: I doubted him on his intentions.
ex: I doubted his ability of working.

4. distinguish= 鉴别
ex: can you distinguish between a real diamond and a fake one?

5. player= 花花公子
ex: He used to be a player, but he isn’t anymore.
ex: I’ve dated too many players.

6. loyal (adj)= 忠诚的
ex: Your employees must be loyal to the company and not leak information to the competitors.
ex: Dogs are more loyal to cats.

7. sperm= 精子
ex: how do you know if your sperm is active?