VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1.weed/ marijuana = 大麻
ex: Weed is an entrance drug.

2. drug= 药💊/ 毒品
ex: drug dealer= 毒贩子
ex: are you on drugs? 你吸毒了吗?
ex: I need to go to the drugstore= 我要去药店

3, refer= 介绍
give me referral= 帮我转介
ex: I will refer you to Judy, you can contact her for the position.

4. deja-vu= 似曾相识
ex: Sometimes I have a deja-vu at work.

5. authenticate= 认证
ex: I had to authenticate my university degree back in Canada, because SH couldn’t do it.

6. adapt/ fit in= 适应
ex: I will help her to adapt to her new school

7. article= 文章
ex: I read an article that says your kid should date before going abroad to study.

8.execution= 执行力
ex: it’s easy to point out the problems and make a plan, but it’s hard to execute.

9. raise her salary= 加薪
ex: I wanted to raise her salary, but she disappointed me.

10. replace= 替换
ex: I should find a new employee to replace her just in case.

11. trainee= 实习生
ex: I could hire two trainees with 6000 yuan.

12. straighten out the edges = 磨合
even out the edges