VIP Class Notes (Lily)


I fall asleep (present tense)-> I fell asleep (past tense)
what time did you + fall asleep?

考试- take a test/ have an exam


1. monotone= 单一的调
ex: Mr Xi talks in monotone, I fall asleep when I listen to him.

2.entrance exam= 入学考试
ex: she will have an entrance exam for her high school in June.

3. I can’t help it= 没忍住
ex: I had hotpot at 12am last night, I couldn’t help it. 

4. when I was your age= 我在你这么大的时候
ex: When I was your age, I never worried about getting fat.
ex: When I was your daughter’s age, I never worried about aging or skin problems.
ex: When I reach your age, I will be prettier than you.

5. anti-aging= 抗衰老
ex: I’m starting to use anti-aging products.

6. hydrating (adj) ( hi drate ting )= 保湿的
ex: I always use hydrating cream instead of anti-aging cream.

7.severe (adj)= 严重的
severely (adv)= 严重的
ex: This is a severe problem
ex: she was punished severely by her mother.
ex: The car was severely damaged.

8. contacts= 隐形眼镜
ex: I bought lots of contacts on Double Twelfth.