VIP Class Notes (Lily) 


do a writing using the words we learned today


1.depreciates= 贬值
ex: He thinks RMB is depreciating all the time.

2.get off work = 下班
go to work= 上班
ex: They can get off work early if it’s not busy.

3. owe= 欠
ex: I owe you one= 算我欠你的
ex: I owe him 2000 yuan.

4. cash flow= 现金流
ex: if you’re in need of immense cash flow, maybe you could consider to sell your house.

5. headcount= 人头数
ex: a lot of companies don’t have any headcount, so they can’t hire people.

6. necessity= 必需品
ex: Food, water and shelters are the necessities in life.
ex: I need to buy some necessities in the supermarket.

7. monopoly= 垄断
monopoly market= 垄断市场
ex: the lottery “649” is owned by the government, it’s a monopoly market.

8. grateful= 感恩
ex: I feel very grateful for the sales this year.