VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1.complain (verb)= 投诉
complaint (noun)= 投诉
ex: I will complain to DIDI of my incident this morning.
ex: If the restaurant has too many complaints, then nobody will go.

2. chill= 很悠闲的
ex: Your job is very chilled, you don’t do much.

3. chill out= 冷静点 平静点
ex: I needed to chill out after my didi driver canceled the order.

4. temper= 脾气
good temper= 好脾气
bad temper= 坏脾气
ex: Most rich people have a bad temper.
ex: She has a very good temper because she’s the second child.

5. tempo= 节奏
ex: I like to follow my own tempo, please don’t rush me.
ex: The tempo of life in Shanghai is very fast.

6. temple=寺庙
ex: SE is next to Jing An Temple.

7. bodyguard= 保镖
ex: She has two bodyguards with her everywhere she goes.

8. cocky= 装b 自以为是的 目中无人的
ex: She is a very cocky person because she’s from a wealthy family.
ex: My sister is very cocky because lots of men like her.

9. troublesome (adj)= 麻烦的
ex: This project is very troublesome, we might not finish it on time.
ex: He’s very troublesome, but you can give him candy if he doesn’t cooperate.

10. trouble maker= 捣蛋鬼 搞事情的人
ex: He’s a trouble maker, he always tells on me. 告我状

11. tell on you =告你状
ex: I’m gonna tell on you!
ex: I’ll punch you if you tell on me!

12. cover/ reimburse = 报销
ex: I will cover your traveling expense to Shanghai.
ex: The company will reimburse your expense if you give them the receipts.

13. traveling expense= 路费
ex: If the student is willing to cover my traveling expense, I can go anywhere to teach her.
ex: If my company is willing to cover my traveling expense, I can to Kramia again.