VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1.competition (noun)= 比赛
competitive (adj)= 好胜的
ex: I joined the Chinese language competition in Canada and I lost.
ex: I’m not a competitive person, I don’t care if I’m the smartest person in my class.

2. recognition (noun)= 重视 公认
acknowledgement (noun)= 认可
ex: I really value the acknowledgement.
ex: I like to be recognized my students, when they really learn something from me, that’s when I feel valued.

3. inferior= lower level
superior= higher level
ex: I will feel inferior if my girlfriend makes more money than me.
ex: I feel superior around my relatives.

4. siblings= brother sister from the same mom and dad
ex: I have no siblings, I am the only child.

5. ignored (adj)= 被忽视
ignore (verb)= 无视
ex: Being the middle child, I often feel ignored by my parents.
ex: Sometimes I will ignore my WeChat messages and reply them 2 hours later.
ex: Sometimes I ignore my alarms in the morning.

6. lack (verb)= 缺乏
ex: I lack money.
ex: I lack the determination to learn English.

7. clock-in= 打卡
ex: We must clock-in on time at 8:30am, and we clock-out really late.
ex: What time did you clock-out today?

8. look forward to= 期待
ex: do you look forward to Christmas?
ex: I look forward to Christmas because I won’t be working.

9. celebrate (verb)= 庆祝
celebration (noun)= 庆祝
ex: Most Chinese people do not celebrate Christmas.
ex: We always have a celebration when we get a new client.

10. customer= the person who buys your product消费者
client= the person who works with you 客户
ex: In China, you always have to drink for the client dinner.
ex: I am a loyal customer for the coffee shop (Aunn Cafe) downstairs.

11. conditionner= 护发素
ex: do you use conditioner when you wash your hair? Nope.

12. consider (verb)= 考虑
ex: my new client is considering my offer/ deal .
ex: I will consider your proposal.