VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1. beautiful= 美丽的
pretty= 漂亮的
ex: The bund is beautiful at night.
ex: I like your dress, it’s pretty.
ex: I love your hair, it’s so pretty.

2. pretty= 很XX 挺XX
ex: This room is pretty big.
ex: I have a pretty small washroom.
ex: He is pretty ugly.
ex: I’m pretty full. 我挺饱的

3. noisy= 吵闹的
ex: little babies are very noisy.
ex: Rap music is very noisy.

4. loud (adj)= 大声的
ex: the music is too loud! 音乐太大声了
ex: the fan is very loud.

5. quiet (adj)= 安静的
ex: she is a quiet girl, she doesn’t like to talk.
ex: This classroom is very quiet because it’s nighttime.

6. expensive = 昂贵的
ex: Chanel bags are very expensive.
ex: This phone is very expensive.

7. cheap= 便宜的(形容物品)
= 抠门的 (形容人)
ex: my boss is very cheap, he won’t give me a raise. 他不给我加薪
ex: This pen is cheap, it’s 2 yuan.

8. easy= 简单的 (形容物品)
随便的(形容人)很浪 很容易睡
ex: This word is easy.
ex: you should never say “I’m a easy girl”.
ex: she’s an easy girl, she sleeps with anyone.

9. hard= 难的 / 很硬的
difficult= 困难的
ex: Math is hard= Math is difficult .
ex: This test is hard = This test is difficult.

12. rich= 有钱的
ex: Ma Yun is a rich man= Ma Yun is rich.
ex: I want to be rich.
ex: I am not rich.

13. poor = 贫穷的
ex: Vietnam is a poor country.
ex: The little girl is poor, she has no money to buy food.