VIP Class Notes (Lily)


he’s younger than me 7 years old–> he’s younger than me by 7 years


1.cutie pie= 小可爱
pumpkin= 小可爱
ex: she’s a cutie pie
ex: he’s a little pumpkin.

2. high maintenance= 高维护 难伺候
ex: Rolls Royce is very high maintenance.
ex: Beautiful women are very high maintenance, they must spend a lot of money every month.

3. crossed my mind= never think about this
ex: how long will this last? It never crossed my mind. 
ex: do you want a second baby? It never crossed my mind.

4. YOLO= You Only Live Once 活在当下
ex: Do you believe in YOLO?
ex: People who believe in YOLO are happier.

5. mortgage= 贷款
ex: Most Chinese people don’t believe in YOLO, they live a low quality life to pay off their mortgage.

6. within my ability= 我的能力范围之内
ex: you should only buy things that’s within your ability.

7. afford XX= 消费得起XX
ex: If you can afford the bag, then you don’t need to ask for it.
ex: I can’t afford the meal, I don’t want to go.

8. materialistic (adj)= 物质的
ex: Most girls are very materialistic.
ex: Many non- local girls in SH are very materialistic, they will sleep with any rich man.

9. what do you see in him? 你看上他什么?
ex: what did I see in him? Nothing.

10. anniversary= 一周年
2 year anniversary=两周年
ex: they had an awful anniversary.

11. cruel (adj)= 残酷的
ex: Life is cruel.
ex: Marriage is cruel, you see a whole new world.

12. mutual= 相互的
ex: we don’t have a mutual understanding .
ex: If you want to find a business partner, then you need mutual trust.