VIP Class Notes (Lily)


she never get married–> she never got married


1. immune to XX= 对XX免疫
ex: People who had chickenpox before will be immune to chickenpox.

2. hassle= 麻烦
ex: It’s too much hassle to fly to LA.
ex: it’s too much hassle to go out to drink at night.

3. troublesome = 麻烦
ex: it’s too troublesome to take care of a baby.
ex: It’s too troublesome to fly to France.

4. outward appearance= 外表
ex: Women care more about their outward appearance.

5. stink =很臭
ex: a lot of old men stink.

6. donor= 捐赠者
ex: organ donor = 器官捐赠者
ex: blood donor= 捐血人

7. charity= 慈善
ex: Bill Gates gave lots of money to the charity.

8. chickenpox= 水痘