VIP Class Notes (Lily)


1. inherit (verb)= 继承
ex: if my father dies, then I will inherit his money.

2. weak (adj)= 脆弱的
ex: he is very weak, he can’t lift up the chair.
ex: he is sick so he is weak.

3. worth = 值得
ex: Learning English is worth my time, because I can improve very fast.
ex: the computer is worth the money because I can use it everyday.

4. dark= 很黑
ex: at night time, it’s very dark.
ex: this person is very dark because he went to the beach.

5. kidding= 开玩笑的
ex: are you kidding me?
ex: I was just kidding, don’t get mad please!

6. stranger= 陌生人
ex: if a stranger tells you to go with him, you can’t go.
ex: if a stranger gives you some food, don’t eat them.

7. smell= 很臭
ex: it smells!!!
ex: your feet smells.
ex: you hair smells.

8. invisible (adj)= 隐形的
ex: I wish I could be invisible, then I will follow JJ home.
ex: If I am invisible, I will go to the bank and take lots of money.