VIP Class Notes (Li)


Practice using the words in some writing.


vendor: the seller/company offering something for sale

supplier: the one who provides the goods or service required by the business

approve: to officially allow something 批准,核准;认可

eg. My boss needs to approve this project for it to begin.

signature: signed name 签名

apply: to request something, usually officially, especially in writing or by sending in a form 申请,请求

eg. He is thinking of applying for a company transfer next week.

invoice/receipt: a list of things given with their cost, for payment at a later time 费用清单

eg. You will need to submit the invoice by the end of this week.

have a meeting: people get together to discuss 会见;会面;会议

eg. We’re having a meeting this afternoon to confirm the project.

deadline: the day when work must be finished 期限

eg. I need to finish everything before next week’s deadline.

formula: math formula 公式

eg. There are many formulas on excel.

function: math function 函数

quote: to give a price for a job 报价

eg. I will get back to you with the price quote.

eg. They called the company to ask for a price quote.

delay/postpone: to hand in your work later 推迟,延缓,使延期

eg. I will postpone the deadline until next month.


expense claim – claim expenses 

supplier gives material – supplier sourced the material

we make the goods from the material that the supplier gives – we produce the goods from the material that the supplier gives

to get his approval you need… – to get his approval you need his signature 

write the form – fill in the form 

financial leadership – finance leader/head of finance 

I will check the invoices to see if there are any problem.. – I will double-check/verify that the invoices are correct/have no problems…

if there are okay I can pay them – if they are correct, I will pay them

we will negotiation with them – we will negotiate with them (the clients)

I want to give them the product later – I want to delay/postpone the date