VIP Class Notes (Li)


  1. Go over previous reading papers and summarise each paragraph using one to two sentences.
  2. Complete writing tests

Today we focused on:

Task 2 Writing

When to give your opinion:

If you see:

do you think/agree or disagree?

in your opinion/view

give your own opinion

do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

how or why? 

Body paragraph structure:

  1. topic sentence

2. supporting sentences

3. specific example

4. state opinion

Avoid contractions 


I didn’t wrote – I didn’t write 

experts have prooved – experts have proven 

how to arrange or to decorate – how to arrange or decorate 

when it comes to affect the other’s mood or mind – when it comes to affecting other’s mood or mind

where people go to work every day – our workplace/company/place of employment   

partially/moderately/significantly  —->level of intensity

starts from the way we feel inside/within 

total influence – complete influence 

either….or…. – one or the other not both

either happy or sad

neither….nor….. – negative effect

neither Sarah nor Peter was to blame for the mistake

*if the verb is already negative use either…or

eg. He doesn’t like either coffee or tea/he doesn’t like coffee or tea