VIP Class Notes (Li)


twisted: injured slightly by being bent 扭伤的

eg. She twisted her ankle while on holiday.

swollen: larger than usual 肿大的;膨胀的

eg. Her face was swollen the next day.

check-up: a medical examination to test your general state of health 体检,健康检查

eg. She goes to her doctor for regular check-ups.

pharmacy: 药店,药房

put someone in a box: categorise people 贴标签

eg. She can’t help but put people in boxes.

malnutrition: 营养不良

eg. The doctor told me that I suffer from malnutrition.

metabolism: 新陈代谢

eg. Exercise is supposed to speed up your metabolism.


public transportion – public transportation 

scared area – scary area

健身class – gym class

my body is too 弱 – my body is too weak 

before I sleeping – before I sleep