VIP Class Notes (Li)


foodie: 吃货

eg. My friends know that I’m a foodie so they always invite me to try out different restaurants.

night market: 夜市

eg. There are a lot of night markets in Taiwan.

passionate: 热情

eg. Alex is passionate about basketball.

eg. They have a very passionate relationship.

household register: 户口

wide: 宽阔的;宽广的

eg. A wide road/river/gap/foot

lunch break: 午休

eg. When I was working in the city centre, I would go shopping during lunch break.

fingerprint: 指纹, 指印

one fingerprint/many fingerprints

eg. His fingerprints were all over the gun.


looking after her – to visit her

we have the same common value – we share the same values

the people are warm or hot – the people are passionate 

the youth generation – the young generation

just like 投资 – just like investing