VIP Class Notes (Li)


tolerance: ability to deal with something or someone 忍耐力;忍受力

eg. I have a high caffeine tolerance.

eg. She cannot tolerate her roommate’s habits.

bitter: 苦

eg. Children do not like bitter food.

proportion: 比例

eg. The proportion of coffee to milk in this cafe is always different.

foam: 奶泡

bathtub: 浴缸

shower curtain: 浴帘

Holland/The Netherlands: 荷兰


episode  – espresso 

each cities is attracting  – every city is attractive   

detaily – in detail 

the design are very detail – the designs are very attractive/beautiful  

when I went travel – when I went traveling 

3 million – 3 meters 

when I went travel – when I went travelling

3 million – 3 meters


doll – dah-ll


The dog is fluffy and clever. The doll is very cosy.