VIP Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

From his grammar book: Forming questions do/does + to ‘be”/auxiliary verb


Review the key points in the chapter


vegetarian: 素

eg. Are there any vegetarian dishes in the menu?


Did they bought a new car? 

Did they buy a new car?

Does she works in a school? 

Does she work in a school?

People – use ‘who‘ in the sentence

eg. Peter is a smart boy who studies every evening.

Things/items/not people – use ‘that‘ in the sentence

You like skiing, don’t you? (Answer “Yes” for positive statement)

Yes, I go skiing twice a year.

You don’t like cooking, do you? ( Answer “No” for negative statement)

No, I don’t

For questions, your tone of voice goes up at the end of the sentence

Does Stevie work in an office?  (higher voice)