VIP Class Notes (Li)


Write a story using some of these words. You don’t have to use all of them.


internet: 互联网

eg. I use the internet to search for information online.

president: 总统;国家主席

eg. Mr Blaine is the president of the Acme company.

staff/employee: 员工

eg. William is an employee at Acme company.

eg. There are 500 staff members working at this company.

unfortunately: 不幸地

eg. Unfortunately, William has a lot of homework.

fortunately: 幸运地

eg. Fortunately, William doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow.

secretary: 秘书,助理

eg. Mr Blaine’s secretary is sick with the flu today.

flu: 流行性感冒,流感 (worse than the cold) 

eg. If you have the flu, you should stay at home.

cold: 感冒

eg. I have a cold today so I can’t go to school.

eg. The weather is getting worse, don’t catch a cold!

receptionist: 接待员

eg. The receptionist is not in the office today.

type: 打字

eg. William is watching me type on the computer.

eg. William wants to learn how to type fast.

rush: 赶紧,急速做

eg. She needs to rush to school every morning.

eg. He rushed the children to school so that they won’t be late.

business: 公司;商业机构;生意 

eg. There are many businesses on Centerville.

eg. There are a lot of businesses in this office buildings.

trucks: 卡车


we go to outside – we go outside 


businesses – bis-nest-sses

men – meh-n

women – we-mehn