VIP Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

Helped Dominique with her presentation


subway = metro

suburb: a town or other area where people live in houses near a larger city

retain: to keep (someone) in a position, job, etc.

eg. The company’s goal is to attract and retain good employees.

retain (+object): to continue to have or use (something)/keep

eg. A landlord may retain part of your deposit if you break the lease.

eg. You will retain your rights as a citizen.


suburb – subway 

I didn’t speak very well English – I didn’t speak English very well 

perform more better outside – perform better outside/better overall  

if it doesn’t make sense young people will say ‘bye bye’ – young people’s attitudes have changed 

how to keep her or he – how to keep/retain him/her 

help them to find a new job – help them to find their career direction

to develop/build their soft skills


motivation – mul-ti-va-tion 

360° – 360 de-grees