VIP Class Notes (Li)


do as (someone) please: describes when someone does whatever they want

eg. You should not allow him to do as he pleases.

bond: a close connection joining two or more people 纽带;联系;关系

eg. Spending more time with your family helps to strengthen bonds.

vietnam: 越南

stump up: to pay an amount or type of money for something, especially unwillingly (不情愿的)掏腰包,付钱
eg. It can be cheaper to stump up for a new washing machine than to get your old one repaired.


I have cookie dog – I have a corgi

The store staff gave me four doggie – the store staff let me choose from four dogs 

always some beauty girls – always some beautiful girls

if I want have some connect with you – if I want to bond with you  

no concept of the money – no concept of money/the currency 


corgi – kor-gi