VIP Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

phonetics    a e i o u

learning how to sound words out

Next Class Focus

phonetics + needs to learn how to sound words out

also forgets the pronunciation of new words immediately


play together:一起玩

eg. My classmate and I played together today.

What do you mean? – 什么意思?

all of them: 全部

My favourite is drawing: 我最喜欢画画

big eyes: 眼睛大

chat: 聊聊

eg. Let’s have a chat!


studying: 学习

eg. They are studying English.


dinner: 晚饭

lunch: 午餐

drinking: 喝

eg. Nona is drinking milk.


What are you doing?

I am reading a book.


I am                      I’m

He/She/It is      He’s/She’s/It’s

We are               We’re                           verb –   eat + ing 

You are             You’re

They are          They’re


dinner – d-ner

studying – sta-d-ying

Henry – hen-ri

Harry – hair-ri