VIP Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:

Past, Present and Future tenses

All 12 Verb Tenses in English – Past, Present and Future Verb Conjugation


wardrobe: 衣橱


Simple Tense – Past, Present, Future (Time expressions – When is it?)

Present: Time expressions – Today/Every day

Example:     I travel to work every day

take the bus to work every day

Structure: use basic form of verb (eg. swim, play, sit, sleep)

Past: Time expressions – Yesterday/last night

Example:      I went to the supermarket yesterday.

I studied for 2 hours yesterday.

Structure: use simple past test (regular= add -ed)   (irregular, no set pattern)

Future: Time expressions – Tomorrow/2 days later

Example:      I will go to work at 7am tomorrow.

I will swim in the pool this Friday.

Structure; will + basic form of verb (eg. will play, swim, simg, listen)

Continuous/progressive tense – Past, Present (happened/happening for a set period of time)

Present: Time expression – Right now

Example: I am learning English right now.

I am eating at the restaurant right now.

Structure:  to be (change) + second verb +ing 

Past: Two actions – one action not finished, another finished before the other

Example: I was crossing the street when the bus stopped in front of me.

I was eating when my boss called me.

Structure; to be (past tense change) + second verb + ing 

*key is right now for present tense, 2 actions for past 

I know have many grammar tense – I know there are many grammatical structures 

singer star – singer 

come to Korea – go to Korea


primary – prai-ma-ry

wardrobe – war-drobe