VIP Class Notes (Li)


Write about an episode of a TV show that you’ve seen recently.


detox: a time when you stop eating or drinking unhealthy foods or drinks for a while

eg. She went on detox for one week.

eg. A detox diet will make your skin glow.

almond: 杏仁

croissant: 羊角

one of the worst restaurants

your friend runs/owns the restaurant/company

Italian – people/restaurants/language/culture

Thai – people/restaurants/language/culture

porkchop: 排骨

bubble tea: 手摇饮料

south/north shanxi road

if my friends recommend/suggest

sometimes I crave for sth/I desire sth


almost the worst restaurant – one of the worst restaurants 

all type of Indian – all Indian food 

I almost have other type of restaurant – I almost always go to/try different types of restaurants

how bad of the service- how bad is the service…

If I have bad experience of the service – if the service is bad 

all – everything

many types of – almost all/a lot