VIP Class Notes (Li)


N stations from A:   從A…要(几)站

eg. 3 stations from Jingan Temple.

N station to B (destination): (几)站… 到… B

eg. 3 stations to Nanjing East Rd.

crowded: lots of people 拥挤的

eg. By ten o’clock the bar was crowded.

eg. I hate taking the subway when it’s crowded.

within: inside a particular group/time 在…里,在…内;不超过

eg. I need to finish my homework within 2 hours.

eg. She’s very good at keeping the peace within the family.


like emergency things – when it’s urgent 


think – dink

thin – din

thing – ding

thank – dank

the – duh

this – dis

that – dat

within – we-din